Bacon, brats and green beans

We finally have our bacon and have restocked all of our sold out brats.  Come on down and get them while you can.  We’ll also have our grass-fed beef, farm fresh pork, pastured poultry and eggs, and dressed rabbits

This has been a big week for green  beans.  Conditions have been favorable and the beans look great.  They are a lot of work to pick, but fresh, chemical-free beans are hard to beat!


Produce-wise this week, we’ll have more of  Iddo’s tomatoes and teaming up with the Miller Family Farm to offer:

– green beans

– kale

– chard

– carrots

– beets

– cucumbers

– zucchini

– cabbage

– onion

– broccoli

– this and that


We hope to see you Downtown on Saturday!

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