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Iddo’s fine tomatoes – June 20

For the last two weeks we have had Iddo Yoder’s good tomatoes at the Downtown Saturday Farmers Market and this week we will have more!  Iddo has been growing greenhouse tomatoes on his farm near Dixon for several years and really grows some great tomatoes.  He plants in the ground  using organic methods and his tomatoes turn out great.  It won’t be long until the outside grown tomatoes are ready, but until then Iddo’s are the next best thing!


We just received our 4th batch of chicks and will continue to have pastured broilers along with our grass-fed beef and farm-fresh pork. We will also have our free-range eggs (if you come early) and a few dressed rabbits from Miller Family Farm.

Produce-wise this week, other than Iddo’s tomatoes,  we are teaming up with the Miller Family Farm to have:

– kale

– chard

– carrots

– beets

– cucumbers

– peas

– green beans

– zucchini

– new potatoes

– cabbage

– onion

– broccoli

– bean sprouts

– asparagus

– this and that


We hope to see you Downtown on Saturday!


Farm fresh meat and poultry – June 14

After almost being  rained out last weekend, it looks like we have a beautiful day forecasted for us this Saturday.  We are look forward to a great Farmers Market this week.

Our Grass-fed beef and Farm-fresh pork has been a big seller over the last few weeks.  We only take a limited amount of cuts to the  market, so checkout the complete list on the web site.   The bratwursts have been popular as well and we are currently out of Classic Brats, but are currently having more processed.  Hopefully they will be ready in a week or two.

Over the last 3 weeks we have been processing chickens and currently have our pasture-raised broilers available at the market and for order.  Let us know if you want to try one of these excellent chickens.


Produce for this week includes:

– tomatoes (Iddo Yoder Farm)

– cucumbers (Miller Family Farm)

– lettuce (Miller Family Farm)

– zucchini (Miller Family Farm)

– shell peas (Miller Family Farm)

– green beans (Miller Family Farm)

– snap peas

– beats

– carrots

– red chard

– kale

– Jalapeno peppers

– asparagus

– broccoli

– turnips


Hope to see you Downtown!






SummerFest Weekend – May 31

This weekend the Downtown Farmers Market will be setting up among the Rout 66 SummerFest event.  We’ll be setting up in the lower parking lot along Oak Street.  There will be lots of crafts, food and entertainment as part of the event, so hopefully the weather will cooperate and a lot of people come downtown to enjoy the festivities.

This week we are introducing our relationship with the Roman Miller Family Farm near Dixon, Mo.  I met Roman 3 years ago through our common interest in South Poll cattle.  Since that time we realized that our common interests also include various other livestock and produce.  We have attended workshops and field days together and exchange a lot of ideas and information on natural animal husbandry and gardening.  Roman has a wealth of knowledge on organic-type farming methods.   Over the last year we have made plans to represent the Millers at the Rolla Farmers Market and this week will have some of their produce and poultry available.








These are a couple pictures of Pathoumma in the Millers Gardens








The week at the Market we will  have :

– red and green leaf lettuce (Miller Family Farm)

– head lettuce (Miller Family Farm)

– Chinese cabbage (Miller Family Farm)

– snap peas (Miller Family Farm)

– kale

– beets

– carrots

– broccoli

– portulaka

– Strawberries

– asparagus

– broccoli rab

– mustard greens

– bean sprouts

We will also have pastured broilers available along  with our  grass-fed beef, farm-fresh pork, specialty sausages.

We hope to see you Downtown on Saturday.






Grass-fed beef and Farm-fresh pork, May 23

Sorry for the infrequent posts, but we have been super busy this spring with all the activities here on the farm.

One new development is that we finally have our grass-fed beef and farm-fresh pork available by the cut at the farmers market.  We will have several of the main cuts at the market, or you find a complete list of what we have on the “our products” page of our web site

Along with the regular cuts of meat, we also have 4 different types of bratwursts (classic, pizza, Hawaiian, and cheddar/bacon/potato), and  a Cheese and Jalapeno Summer Sausage.  These are our favorites from among the all the great sausages that are made by Swiss Meats and Sausage Co.  If you’ve ever tried them, you’ll know why they are considered the  “the Best of Wurst”.

Produce-wise  we’ll have:

– kale

– lettuce

– red chard

– green choi

– carrots

– beets

– broccoli

– beam sprouts


– strawberries


We will also have our free range eggs.  Next week, we are planning to have chicken available.


See you Downtown on Saturday!

This week’s farmers market – May 3

The Saturday Downtown Farmers Market has really become a great market.  The shoppers and the vendors are enjoying the great setting Downtown.  We look forward to have the market continue to grow as the season progresses.

This week we will have:

  • broccoli
  • beats
  • asparagus
  • kale
  • lettuce
  • spinach
  • radishes
  • cilantro
  • bean sprouts
  • eggs

Some of these are in limited supply, so come early is you want a good selection.



As for other news on the farm, the first word that comes to mind is busy.  Our garden continues to grow as we try to stay caught up with planting season, we are getting new lambs almost daily, and our poultry and pigs are in full swing.  Its great to have plenty of lush green grass and the cattle loving it.



Saturday Market – April 26

As we are getting ready for another Saturday Market, it hits home how lucky we have been with weather this year!   It is wonderful to have such an agreeable spring after such a long, hard winter.  We are in for more good weather through Saturday, so we look forward to seeing people Downtown.

This week Meusch Farms will be offering more fresh greens from our high tunnel.  These will include lettuce, spinach, kale, radishes,  sweat mustard, and broccoli rab.  We will also have more bean sprouts and our fantastic free-range eggs.

In the coming weeks we will be adding broccoli, beats, carrots, etc., so stay tuned as the spring progresses.



Downtown Saturday Market

Last weekend was the first week for the Downtown Saturday Farmers Market and it turned out great.  The weather was beautiful, a lot of good venders showed up, and shoppers were happy that farmers market was finally getting going.  Thanks to all of you that turned out help make the market a success.

This week we will be there again with our greens (lettuce, spinach, kale, radishes, sweat mustard), bean sprouts and eggs.  Hope to see you Downtown.


Over this last week we delivered out first animals to Swiss Meat for processing and look forward to being able to offer meat at the farmers market.  We will have both beef and pork products at the market, starting in early May.

We also received our third batch of chicks so far this year.  Our processed chickens should be available at the market by late May.  Please let us know if you are interested in chicken.


 It looks like we are in for another beautiful Saturday.  Hope to see you Downtown.

Best regards,

Eric Meusch


This week at the Market (April 12)

This week is the official opening weekend at the Rolla Downtown Saturday Farmers Market.  There is been a buzz among the venders and customers, everyone seems to be looking forward to it looking forward to it.

We were set up down there last week with some eggs and greens, Thank you to everyone who stopped by.  The weather was beautiful and it really got us looking forward to when the market is in full swing.

We will be Downtown on Saturday and Tuesday this week with eggs (both duck and chicken), lettuce, spinach, radishes, cilantro,  ( and for the e

For those of you looking forward to our meats, we delivering a beef and hog to Swiss this week that will be processed for resale by the cut.  We will also soon be offering our grass-fed beef for freezer orders, but I am running behind on getting thing inventoried (we will at least another 5 head, maybe as many as 7) , I’ll keep you posted.

We have been expanding our pork production and will be finish over 10 hogs this year.  Feeder pigs have been in short supply and we have been running around for the last two weeks visiting farms and trying to find the “right” ones.  We have finally found all we need and are looking forward to getting our pork production ramped up this year. In the past we have been seasonal with our pork production, but this year it looks like will add some breeding sows to the farm so we can have a little more control of feeder pig supplies in the further.

We have new baby calves, sheep be lambing in the next couple weeks, we are getting regular orders of baby chicks in the mail, the garden is coming together, etc. etc.  If anyone would like to plan a visit one of these fine Spring weekends, let us know.

Hope to see you Saturday.




Farmers Market Season!

Welcome to Meusch Farms first blog post!  We hope to use this blog as a way to keep customers up on the latest developments on Meusch Farms, what is in season, and what to expect at our Market Stand.

This  year we will be attending the Downtown Rolla Farmers Market on both Saturday and Tuesday.  We are excited about the new Downtown Saturday Market and are hoping it develops in to a good community event.  The Market will officially open on April 12, but we will be setting up on April 5th to open the season a little early.

DSC00312We currently have a lot of cool weather greens coming on and will have lettuce, spinach, kale, and radishes.  We will also have fresh bean sprouts and have plenty of eggs.  As the season progresses will have move produce coming on and will keep people posted through this blog.

If you have any questions about farm or the up coming market season, let us know.  We look forward to seeing you in Downtown Rolla.


Eric and Pathoumma