Our Products

Chemical-free Produce

IMAG0178We produce a variety of vegetables from our garden plots and high tunnel.  Because our garden has primarily been to produce fresh, nutritious vegetables for our family, we practice chemical-free methods.  This being the case, our produce isn’t always the largest and most beautiful available, but it is always flavorful and nutrient dense.

The availability of our vegetables will change throughout the season, so drop by our farmers market booth or give us a call to see what’s fresh.

Grass-fed Beef

100_0459Grass-fed beef is a center piece on our farm.  The health benefits of beef produced without grain are well documented and the flavor of well finished grass-fed beef is excellent.  Our beef is produced from selected animals finished on the season’s best grass, without antibiotics or artificial hormones.  Our beef is available to order as freezer beef (wholes, halves, quarter), but will also be available by the cut starting in the 2014 market season.


Grass-fed Beef Prices           

item                                     price/lb

Ground beef                         $6.00

Chuck steaks                      $10.00

Arm roasts                          $8.00

rib steaks                             $14.00

brisket                                  $10.00

porterhouse                         $14.00

sirloin steak                          $12.00

Sirloin tip steak                    $12.00

London broil                         $10.00

T-bone steak                        $15.00

Round roast.                         $8.00

shank                                    $8.00

flank/skirt                              $6.00

bones                                    $3.00

Liver                                      $4.00

heart                                     $4.00

tongue                                  $4.00

ox tail                                    $3.00

kidney                                  $4.00


Free-range Poultry and Eggs

pastured  chickensOur laying hens are allowed to range freely, producing excellent quality eggs.  If you aren’t familiar with the difference between eggs from free-range hens and “normal” super-market eggs, you should give them a try.

We also produce pastured broilers and often have soup chickens available.  Our broilers are raised free range or in field pens that are moved to fresh grass daily.  Raising broilers out on grass with plenty of fresh air and sun-shine results in a more healthy and delicious bird than you can get at the supermarket.

Our pastured broilers are now available.  We will have some at the farmers market, or you can contact us to order them from the farm.

pastured broilers – $3.50/lb


Farm-fresh pork

pigIt is hard to beat the flavor of farm raised pork.  Every year we raise a number of butcher hogs in spacious wood-lot pens to sell as freezer pork (wholes and halves) and by the cut starting in 2014.  Pigs raised outdoors in spacious pens without medicated feeds produce delicious pork.  There is also the added benefit of the pork being processed locally (Swiss Meat and Sausage Co.), so you never end up with a mushy, water-added product that sometimes found at the supermarket.


Farm-fresh Pork Prices         

item                                       price/lb

Chops                                   $8.00

Tender Loins                         $10.00

pork steaks                           $6.00

callie roasts                           $6.00

hams                                     $7.00

hocks                                    $3.00

bacon                                    $7.00

peppered bacon                    $7.50

spare ribs                              $6.00

head                                      $2.50

neck bones                            $2.00

heart                                     $4.00

tongue                                   $4.00

liver                                        $4.00

lard                                        $3.50


Specialty Sausages   

item                                                                      price

Classic Brats                                                        $6.00

Hawaiian Brats                                                     $6.00

Pizza Brats                                                           $6.50

Bacon Cheddar Potato Brats                                $7.00

Summer sausage Cheese -Jalapeno                    $9.50


Grass-fed lamb

sheepNew to Meusch Farms is a flock of sheep.  They have long been in our plans because of how sheep can complement cattle for maintaining healthy pastures.  Recently there has been increased demand for quality lamb, so we decided to add this to our product list.  Lamb will be available during the 2014 market season, so please let us know if you are interested.