Taking orders

Because the farmers market has closed for the season, be have been taking orders for regular drop offs in Rolla.  We have been dropping this off on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at Sharon and Larry Meusch’s (my parents), 1209 Wellington Place.  If you are interested in receiving produce, meats or eggs please get in touch.


Right now we have lettuce, spinach, kale, radishes, a salad mix, chicken eggs, duck eggs, as well as our beef, pork and chicken.

3 thoughts on “Taking orders

  1. Joyce Trimble

    Hi, Eric, I talked to you this fall about my visit to Eva’s Gardens in Westport, MA and my daughter’s, Kathleen’s, Farm to Feast Tour Company she’s developing for touring in the northeast. While I was visiting the area with her I purchased a Delicata squash and finally fixed it 3 days ago. (It kept well on my kitchen counter for a month and a half.) ft’s the best winter squash I’ve ever had. When mashed it had a smoothness with a natural sweet taste. Excellent with a little butter, milk, and chicken base. Kathleen said the skin is soft enough to eat when you boil them. I hope you’ll consider growing them next year. . Thanks, Joyce T.

    1. emeusch


      Thanks for the great feedback. Those squash have been great, and make a lot of new squash fans. We’ll definitely plan to grow more next year.


  2. Joyce Trimble

    I’d be interested in purchasing spinach, kale, radishes, and a dozen eggs on Wednesday, 11/26.

    A question: Do you sell whole chickens or could I just buy chicken thighs?

    Thanks, Joyce


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